Mia Zapata

The grunge rock scene exploded in Seattle, Washington, in the early ’90s. Bands like Nirvana were rising in popularity, but Seattle called itself home to many up and coming stars. Many of those bands vied for their chance to play at the Comet Tavern, a local bar that still stands today. Mia Zapata and her band, The Gits, were one of the grunge rock bands that were on their way to top. They put in the work, and while they weren’t overnight sensations, they rocked their way to a steady climb upwards. The Gits signed a record deal with the famed Atlantic Records, made an album, and scheduled a tour. Life was going exactly how Mia Zapata always dreamed it would. Until 1993, the night when the devil himself attacked Mia, brutally robbing her life and the world of her music.

Written By: Mari Cole

Researched & Edited: Brittney Martinez

Production: Nico @ Wetalkofdreams.com