Halloween Bonus Episode

On a chilly autumn night in the middle of September, a woman was murdered on the side of a quiet suburban street, mere feet from her front door. The investigation that followed uncovered dark secrets that, it could be debated, were more sinister than the murder itself.

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Audio Engineer: Chaes Gray

Music: Nico @ We Talk of Dreams

Research / Writing: Augie Peterson

https://augiepeterson.wordpress.com/ https://www.instagram.com/augiepetersonauthor/ https://twitter.com/AugiePWrites

Lorenzo Gilyard

Serial killers are almost always made famous by their crimes. The public nearly always knows when a serial killer is on the loose, so how could one remain living among the unsuspecting public, undetected by all? That is precisely what happened with Lorenzo Gilyard for several decades before DNA evidence finally brought him to justice. 

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Research By:

Brittney Martinez

Writing By:

Mari Cole

Produced by:

Nico V & Lanie H

Hollywood Ripper

On April 29, 2008, 27-year-old Michelle Murphy was suddenly jolted awake in the middle of the night by an unknown assailant.  She thought he was pounding on her chest. In the milliseconds it took to orient herself, she realized, he wasn’t hitting her, but rather, he was stabbing her.  She didn’t know it yet, but her strength, quick reflexes and ability to fight back will put an end to an 18-year reign of terror by an unknown serial killer….  

Michael Gargiulo
His Victims


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Producer: Nico / Wetalkofdreams.com
Written / Research: Haley Gray
Content Editor: Brittney Martinez
Host: Lanie