Jack Gilbert Graham

Greed often brings out the worst in people. The desire for riches and a good life can make seemingly stable people act irrationally. The opportunity to personally gain during the commission of a typically blue-collar crime like insurance fraud is something that Jack Gilbert Graham couldn’t resist. So when it came to his mother, Daisie, he knew he could collect a significant amount of life insurance money in the event of her death, Jack came up with a vengeful plot to murder her, and anyone else that was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Jack Graham

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Co-Written By: Mari Cole & Brittney Martinez

Researched By: Haley Gray

Content Editing: Brittney Martinez

Producer: Nico at Wetalkofdreams.com

The Murder of Jennifer Fulford

As any True Crime Fan Club listener knows, life can change in a split second. The decision to turn left, getting stuck in traffic, going back to the office at the end of the day, sometimes all these things can unwittingly put you into the path of danger. Other times, the day is nothing out of the ordinary, and someone evil crosses paths with an innocent person going about their day. Innocent people are suddenly thrust into a world of fear, anticipating a death they know is coming, they just don’t know when. This is the story we have today, about a loving Nanny and House Manager, who was going about her day, when her life collided with evil..

Jennifer Fulford

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Researcher / Writer Suzy St. John
Content Editor: Brittney Martinez
Producer: Nico at Wetalkofdreams.com
Host: Lanie Hobbs