How do I start a Podcast?

As a “veteran” in the True Crime Podcast Community, I have learned a lot when it comes to launching a podcast. You may be overwhelmed with the amount of information out there and, I really just want to make it easier for you! So, here is a list of items to get you started!

Hosting Company Recommendations –

This is where your podcast will ‘live’. You want to find a company that will offer you a free or low cost platform, IAB Compliant, AND will give you ads when you start getting over 5k worth of downloads.


‘DAW’ stands for Digital Audio Workstation. This is where you will record your show and edit. Most have PC and MAC versions.

  • Audacity – Free to use & TONS of Youtube videos
  • WAV Pad – What I personally use, upgrade from free and unlock a lot of options
  • Hindenburg – My podfriends use this too and LOVE it,
  • Izotope RX – This removes background noise and cleans up the audio in general – wait for a sale to happen and then purchase


You DO NOT [read it again, DO NOT] have to buy an expensive microphone to have great sound. First, you should ensure you have a space that is treated for sound [only time I will recommend going into the closet lol] any room will do as long as you can treat it for sound with rugs or sound proofing. Most newbies start in their closet and, then build their way up from there.

Dynamic Microphone – These microphones primarily capture sound that goes directly into them.

  • ATR 2100 – is my favorite and less than 80 bucks!
  • Shure MV7X – more expensive but, has some great reviews.
  • Shure PGA48 – Another low cost option, excellent reviews
  • Rode Procaster – This is the mic I upgraded to after my ATR and, was VERY pleased.

Condenser Microphones – What you need to know about these mics is they pick up everything! These should only be used in a well treated space, I’m talking QUIET. DO NOT PURCHASE THE BLUE YETI TO START YOUR SHOW.

  • Rode NT1-A is the mic I currently use and it is a fan fave.
  • Rode NT1 – is another option for those who want the full set up
  • Shure SM7B – this is what many people consider to be the BEST mic out there but, it is not. It’s a great mic but, make sure it’s the right sound for your voice. You can look up testing videos on youtube. If you get this mic, ensure you have enough power to use it – otherwise, you’ll need a cloud lifter

Audio Interface –

Consider this to be your “hub”. You will plug your microphone into this [if you get an XLR cable microphone, which I recommend] and adjust your gain and such!

  • Focusrite Scarlet 2i2 – this is WORTH the cost. One of the tried and true AIs that I have used
  • Behringer U-Phoria – great low cost option with nice ratings. Only has one port for your microphone, perfect for single host shows

Sound Treatment Options

Here are some things you can buy [based on your budget] to treat your recording space. Sound is SO important – probably #2 after your content.

  • Troy Studio Portable Sound Booth – Place your mic inside and it will make a BIG difference in your recording. This is less than $40 but, you can also build one for cheaper: Buy a collapsible cube & some foam to make yourself a mini studio booth
  • Pop Filter – those hard ‘Ps’ are annoying to hear but, get a pop shield / filter and your life will change. Here is the one I have!
  • Kaotica Eyeball – I have never used this but, other creators do. They rave about it – just select your mic from the drop down and find yours. Great option if you have trouble proofing your space. NOT cheap option – this is usually $200. You can find a dupe on amazon.

I’ll add more information as I think of it & of course, if you have any questions – feel free to email me or contact me on social media :

Please note – I included affiliate links, if you purchase something – it goes to support the show!