Interview with Author Laurah Norton – ‘Lay Them To Rest’

In this riveting episode of True Crime Convos, join us for an exclusive interview with author Laurah Norton, the brilliant mind behind ‘Lay Them To Rest.’ Hosted and somewhat produced by Lanie Hobbs, this conversation delves deep into the intriguing world of true crime and the mysteries that inspired Norton’s gripping book.

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The Psychic Dilemma

In this episode of True Crime Cases, join your host, Lanie, as she delves into the intriguing world of psychics and their role in true crime investigations. Tune in as Lanie explores this unconventional and divisive element that has captivated believers and skeptics alike. Discover the controversial history of psychics in the realm of true crime and how they have sometimes provided vital insights or made eerie predictions. Lanie will delve into some well-known cases where psychics played a significant role, examining the impact of their contributions on police investigations and the overall pursuit of justice. From high-profile disappearances to unsolved murders, uncover fascinating stories where psychic intuition may have cracked the case or added new layers of mystery. But the question remains – are psychics reliable sources of information, or are they merely charlatans preying on the vulnerable? Whether you’re a skeptic or a believer, this episode of True Crime Cases will spark intriguing discussions and open your mind to the extraordinary world of psychics within the realm of true crime investigations.

Content Warnings: Death of a teenager, Police negligence


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