Pom Pom Mom

As the saying goes, everything is bigger in Texas. For one Texas mom, that was especially true when she went further than anyone to ensure her daughter had a spot on the high school cheer squad.

The Pom Pom mom herself

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Rachelle Tolleson

Life in small-town Texas is always considered safe…until it’s not. One family was ripped apart and the case introduced new technology using firewood.  That’s right… Firewood helped solve a case that might have had the lead suspect walking free. Find out more in this episode of True Crime Fan Club. 

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Rachelle’s Missing person Poster
Moises Mendoza

Produced: Nico @ We Talk of Dreams 

Written / Research: Suzy St. John 

Content Editing: Brittney Martinez

Host: Lanie

The Letters – A Mini Series

Hello everyone – Lanie here. I started my correspondence with inmates across various states over the summer. I wanted to reach out and have conversations with those who are overlooked because their crimes only made blips in the newspaper. I am not advocating or expressing support for these people or their crimes, however, I do want to share their stories. Perhaps you know someone who is incarcerated for similar crimes or maybe this is the first time you’re considering reaching out to an inmate. I have been given explicit permission by these inmates to share their stories with you. I am not going to change them in any way and I will just be reading the letters verbatim and posting them on the website for you to access if you want to read along. Ok, welcome to…the letters. 

Milisha’s Info – You can write or JPay her w an attached stamp:

Milishia Gosha #1023682
Pulaski sate prison
P.O.box 839
Hawkinsville ,Ga 30136 

If you would like to offer support for her legal fees:

genevievecward@gmail.com is the paypal info 

Producer: Nico at Wetalkofdreams.com

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