Chris Dankovich

 Losing a loved one to murder is perhaps one of the most traumatic things a family can imagine. That trauma is further compounded when the death comes at the hands of someone the victim knew and loved, someone they trusted. Perhaps the most unimaginable of all is a murder committed against a mother, by her son – her own flesh and blood. Today we’ll discuss the tragic death of Diane Michele and how even though her son Christopher Dankovich brutally cut her life short, their family still found the compassion within their hearts to forgive him.  The family did this knowing that kindness is what Diane herself would have wanted, and they did their best to pull together and honor her death with love and forgiveness.

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Chris Dankovich

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This episode was written by Mari Cole
Research: Brittney Martinez and Suzy St. John
Content Editing by Brittney Martinez
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The Murder of Timothy MacNeil

Teenagers that kill aren’t widespread. Murderous youngsters is a disturbing thought for most people. An even more troubling idea is that those teenagers, a sibling duo no less, would plot and carry out a plan to murder the only adult that ever protected them. Together, 19-year old Nathaniel Gann and his 17-year old sister Brae Hansen killed their step-father, Timothy MacNeil, in cold blood. They did it simply because Timothy told Brae that she would have to move out of his house when she turned 18, which she deemed unacceptable. Nathan didn’t hesitate to help his sister with her deadly deed, agreeing to help kill the only man they ever considered a father. Murder most certainly is not the typical response to teenage anger. Today’s story is a tragic one, about a pair of siblings who killed, for no other motive than plain old selfishness.

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Written By: Mari Cole

Researched & Edited By: Brittney Martinez

Produced by Nico at