Twisted Tales of Love and Murder

Welcome back to True Crime Cases with Lanie! 🕵️‍♀️ Join me as we journey into the shadowy corners of true crime, exploring cases that defy reality and challenge our perceptions. From chilling mysteries that surpass fiction to eerie truths that eclipse imagination, our podcast dives deep into the darkest depths of criminal intrigue.

In our episode titled “Stranger Than Fiction,” we uncovered a sinister reality as a woman’s words turned deadly, echoing her own written words. And in “Babysitter Killers,” we peeled back the silver screen to reveal the chilling reflections of our darkest fears. Today, we’re delving into cases that could’ve been plucked from the heart of the musical Chicago, where women’s involvement in their husbands’ murders casts doubt on innocence.

But let’s not be swayed by speculation – today, we anchor ourselves in stark reality. Fred Oesterreich and Robert Samuels, victims entwined in stories of deceit and darkness, reveal hauntingly real tales that pose unsettling questions about the lengths people go to rid themselves of a spouse. Join us as we uncover the harrowing murders of Fred Oesterreich and Robert Samuels.

Content Warnings:
Spousal abuse, Domestic violence, Murder

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Researched, written, and edited by Jesse Hawke from the Inky Pawprint.
Content editing by Lanie Hobbs.
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