The Science Of A Podcast: Ethical True Crime Consumption Ft. Lanie Hobbs

Have you heard of ethical true crime? How about victim advocacy in true crime?

In this episode, we are talking to podcaster Lanie Hobbs. Lanie is also the founder of The True Crime and Paranormal Podcast Festival, an event for ethical true crime podcasters, victim advocates, and paranormal creators.

We talk about ethics in true crime podcasts and what you can do as a podcaster AND a listener to be more ethical and aware of victim advocacy in this space.

Some things we chat about include:
❓What is victim advocacy, and why is it important?
🤔 As a listener, what are some of the things that you can do to be more ethical or respectful of what you choose to listen to?
🎙 What can podcasters do to make themselves more aware of victim advocacy?

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