Shifting Perceptions: From Crimes to Heroism

Welcome back to True Crime Cases! I’m your host, Lanie. Crime doesn’t change, but the law sure does.

Exploring Shifting Perceptions:

  • Over the last 100 years, countless individuals have fought for their rights and achieved progress despite ongoing struggles.
  • Civil rights, LGBTQ+ rights, indigenous peoples’ rights, and rights for women and children are some of the notable milestones in this journey.
  • In the past, women were denied voting rights, and children endured harsh labor conditions in factories.

The Ethical Dilemma of Justice:

  • The legality of capital punishment varies depending on geographical boundaries.

Special Episode: A Captivating Tale of Heroism:

  • Today’s episode takes a diversion from regular cases to present a captivating tale spanning nearly a century in the U.S.
  • Acts that were once considered crimes are now celebrated as acts of heroism.
  • Exploring ethics, shifting perceptions, and the complex world of crime.

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