The Letters – A Mini Series

Hello everyone – Lanie here. I started my correspondence with inmates across various states over the summer. I wanted to reach out and have conversations with those who are overlooked because their crimes only made blips in the newspaper. I am not advocating or expressing support for these people or their crimes, however, I do want to share their stories. Perhaps you know someone who is incarcerated for similar crimes or maybe this is the first time you’re considering reaching out to an inmate. I have been given explicit permission by these inmates to share their stories with you. I am not going to change them in any way and I will just be reading the letters verbatim and posting them on the website for you to access if you want to read along. Ok, welcome to…the letters. 

Milisha’s Info – You can write or JPay her w an attached stamp:

Milishia Gosha #1023682
Pulaski sate prison 839
Hawkinsville ,Ga 30136 

If you would like to offer support for her legal fees: is the paypal info 

Producer: Nico at

Host: Lanie

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