Halloween Bonus Episode

On a chilly autumn night in the middle of September, a woman was murdered on the side of a quiet suburban street, mere feet from her front door. The investigation that followed uncovered dark secrets that, it could be debated, were more sinister than the murder itself.

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Audio Engineer: Chaes Gray

Music: Nico @ We Talk of Dreams

Research / Writing: Augie Peterson

https://augiepeterson.wordpress.com/ https://www.instagram.com/augiepetersonauthor/ https://twitter.com/AugiePWrites

3 thoughts on “Halloween Bonus Episode”

  1. Love the show! This episode really captivated me, but can’t find anything on the internet about this? Can you share some of your research?

      1. Oh wow, I was looking and looking and looking while I listened (I’m obviously a year behind on episodes). Thanks for that info.

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