Rachelle Tolleson

Life in small-town Texas is always considered safe…until it’s not. One family was ripped apart and the case introduced new technology using firewood.  That’s right… Firewood helped solve a case that might have had the lead suspect walking free. Find out more in this episode of True Crime Fan Club. 

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Rachelle’s Missing person Poster
Moises Mendoza

Produced: Nico @ We Talk of Dreams 

Written / Research: Suzy St. John 

Content Editing: Brittney Martinez

Host: Lanie

One thought on “Rachelle Tolleson”

  1. I’m actually a very close friend of Averys. Her family is and will always keep their promise of keeping Rochelles memory alive for Avery. I never had any interest in learning more about her moms death until now. Avery is a spitting image of her mother. A wonderful and thoughtful girl with dreams similar to her moms. I wish I could have known Rochelle. She was a great mother and her old letters give Avery advice as well. Pam is like a second mother to me. I can’t even imagine how hard it has been for her. Their family is amazing, and I wouldn’t ask anyone for a better friend than Avery. I don’t even know why I’m commenting this honestly, but I feel like other people should know that their family and Rochelles family are still thriving and amazing people.

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