Mark Stroman

The events of September 11th, 2001, left America reeling. Most of us felt bewildered, shocked, and saddened. We took those feelings and rallied together, doing whatever we could to help the victims of the worst terrorist attack to take place on American soil. But some of us couldn’t shake the overwhelming feeling of rage towards the perpetrators of the attack. They looked at their neighbors, the ones who spoke with certain accents, talked in different languages, or wore certain types of clothing and deemed them the enemy. Violence against the Muslim community, as well as those mistaken as Muslim, began in earnest as fear and anger began to take over a portion of the American population. One of those people was Mark Anthony Stroman, a man who saw himself as a patriot who was exacting revenge against the victims of 9/11 as he went on a killing spree in Dallas, Texas.

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Written By: Mari Cole & Brittney Martinez

Researched By: Brittney Martinez

Edited & Proofed By: Brittney Martinez

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Host: Lanie Hobbs