Boys on the Tracks – Guest Hosts: All Crime No Cattle

Welcome back to the True Crime Fan Club podcast. We’re your guest hosts Erin and Shea of the All Crime, No Cattle podcast. We are sitting in for Lanie, who is on maternity leave. The case we are going to talk about today is likely familiar to true crime fans. Over the years, this case has become more than an unsolved mystery, it has also become one woman’s crusade for justice over the corruption and abuse of power by county, state, and even federal officials. The biggest source for this episode was Mara Leveritt’s book, The Boys on the Tracks.  Okay…onto the show.

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All Crime No Cattle is an independent conversational true-crime podcast focused on crimes in the Lone Star State. ​Texas natives Erin and Shea host, produce, and research for each episode featuring cases big and small. They live in Fort Worth with the ACNC K9 Crime Unit, Nelson and Brienne, along with their crested gecko Asha and betta fish Sir Didymus. ​New episodes drop weekly. 
Because crime is bigger in Texas, y’all. Instagram: @allcrimenocattle, Twitter: @ACNCpodcast, Facebook: All Crime No Cattle

Ok fan club members, as we conclude this episode. Our one question to you is… How will you sleep tonight?

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This episode was written and researched by Suzy St. John, a native Arkansan

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