The Cadet Murders w. Eric Brach *Bonus Episode*

I’m joined by author Eric Brach for this special bonus episode.  We take the listener on an immersive storytelling journey navigating the senseless murder of 16 Year Old Adrianne Jones. Diane Zamora and David Graham are notorious in the state of Texas, with Diane being painted as the scorned lover seeking revenge. Who was the mastermind? You decide.

Eric Brach is the author of the new book  Double Lives: True Tales of The Criminals Next Door set to release on August 15, 2018. Eric has graciously decided to send an autographed and inscribed copy of his book to one lucky listener of True Crime Fan Club.

Below are the rules:

1. Like Eric on Facebook: or Follow him on Instagram: [@Brachobama]

2. Send your screen shot of the Like or Follow to along with your shipping address!

3. Bonus entry if you let Eric know what you think of the episode (be sure to tag TCFC! ) Send a screen shot of this too for your entry to count!

The contest ends on 8/30/18 with the winner to be announced on 8/31/18.

If you’re on REDDIT please join Eric for his live AMA on 8/14/18 at 2pm ET.  You can ask him questions about the book and / or episode!

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Content warning at the top of the episode was provided by Tyler Allen host of the Minds of Madness Podcast

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