Broken Bonds Update – Bonus Episode

Jayce was generous enough to provide the show with a recording of a phone call with his twin brother Jerry. Find out what Jerry has to say and if he’s remorseful or sorry he got caught.

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Jerry Schweiger
SBI 00496734
1187 Paddock Rd.
Smyrna, DE 19977

5 thoughts on “Broken Bonds Update – Bonus Episode”

  1. Wow, am I the only one who noticed that neither one of these guys acknowledge that he wouldn’t be in jail if hadn’t committed murder in the first place. I’m just blown away by the way his initial crime has taken a backseat here. It’s disgusting.

  2. My jaw dropped while listening to their conversation for one very simple reason. Not once did either of the brothers acknowledge that Jerry wouldn’t be in the situation he’s in if he HADN’T MURDERED anybody in the first place. It sounded like Jayce was about to say it at a couple of points in the conversation but Jerry never once took responsibility for his actions. Jerry blames his brother for his (Jerry’s) current situation. Wow.

    1. I know, it’s a pretty insane story! I plan to write Jerry to see if he can provide more info on the murders. He won’t be charged for the murder again, so I can’t see the harm in providing background information.

      1. Thank you! I’m dying to know if he sees any correlation to his current situation and that fact that he’s there because he murdered somebody, even if he’s not incarcerated for the murder, or if he’s totall clueless about it. Sadly, it seems like he just doesn’t take responsibility for his actions and blames Jayce instead.
        Please keep us posted!
        Also, love the show. You’re doing a great job!

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