Sylvia & Erica – The Crossover

The True Crime Fan Club Podcast & The Bone Palace Ballet Podcast have creatively joined forces to bring you this unique crossover episode. While a departure from our original format, we are hoping to bridge our listeners together to hear the sad cases of Sylvia Likens & Erica Parsons.

The murder of Sylvia Likens and Erica Parsons though decades apart have striking similarities. They were both abused and murdered by people who were charged with their care. Their abuse was witnessed by strangers, neighbors, friends, or close family members and still, no one spoke up.

The silence of the ongoing and tortuous abuse would lead to their sad deaths. It is our hope with this episode that you are courageous enough to speak up if you recognize the signs of abuse.

Our respective shows to honor the memory of Sylvia Likens & Erica Parsons have donated to:  Our donations will go directly to assisting this organization meet it’s mission of preventing child abuse in America.  Please consider making a donation to this organization.


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2 thoughts on “Sylvia & Erica – The Crossover”

  1. Hi Lanie. Your podcast is excellent. Clear, detailed, and to the point. But the second half of this episode is just irritating—the two hosts’ presentation, and in particular how their incessant asides and commentary repeatedly either state the obvious or add absolutely nothing (“people are just fucking pieces of shit”, “it’s just sooo creepy”, “and Dr. Phil’s a total piece of shit”, “it just kind of acquiesces to whatever”, “I just can’t even, just sooo sooo bad”, and on and on). It was unbeatable. Your presentations state the facts in a cohesive narrative, and allow listeners to actively form their own judgments, rather than filling up the airwaves with nonsense poorly disguised as erudition. I recommend sticking to your own successful format! Thank you.

    1. Thanks for the compliments & feedback! BPB isn’t for everyone but- it’s great to support other independent podcasts! I’m glad you enjoyed the episode & I hope you continue listening!

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