Wondery Presents: Killer Psyche

What causes people to become killers? KILLER PSYCHE is a true-crime podcast from
Wondery that covers high-profile cases that shocked the world. Host Candice Delong
uses her experience as a clinical psychiatric nurse and FBI Criminal Profiler to dissect
the motivations and behaviors of the most terrifying criminals in history. In a recent
episode, Candice explores the case of Pedro Rodrigues Filho, also known as The
Brazilian Dexter. Rodrigues went on to murder, by his count, more than 100 people —
most of them while he was behind bars. To many, he was a hero — a vigilante seeking
justice for victims. But to others, he was just a cold-blooded murderer. This is just a
preview of Killer Psyche, but you can listen to the full episode at

Wondery Presents: Billionaire Boys Club

Billionaire Boys Club is based on the incredible true story of a group of wealthy boys from LA in the 80’s who concoct a risky get-rich-quick plan that lures in millions of dollars of investment. The plan falls apart when their leader, Joseph Hunt, starts a string of kidnappings & murders in a desperate attempt to cover their losses.

Hosted by Timothy Olyphant and Tracy Patton.

Listen today at wondery.fm/truecrimefanclub_BBC