Where is Camille Dardanes Dotson? Pt 1, Presented by Sins & Survivors Podcast

During our brief winter break, we’re excited to bring you a special episode that aligns with our commitment to ethical storytelling and advocacy. Our friends at the “Sins and Survivors” podcast are stepping in to shed light on an important and sensitive case.

In this exclusive feed drop, we introduce you to the story of Camille Dardanes Dotson. Her life took an unexpected and tragic turn when she disappeared in Las Vegas in 1994. Known for her charisma and intelligence, Camille’s story has remained a mystery for over three decades.

Join us as we explore the ethical and empathetic pursuit of truth led by Camille’s daughter, Ashley, and her friend, Gabby Proulx. Dedicated to unraveling the mysteries surrounding Camille’s disappearance, they’ve spent years advocating for justice.

Discover the nuances of Camille’s life, including her challenging marriage to Gary Dotson – the first person exonerated by DNA evidence. Their relationship, marked by domestic challenges and media scrutiny, played a significant role in the changes in Camille’s life. After moving to Las Vegas with her daughter, Camille vanished, leaving behind unanswered questions.

If you have any information related to Camille Dardanes Dotson’s case, consider reaching out to the Las Vegas Metro Police Department – Homicide unit at:

Phone Number: 702-828-3521
E-Mail: homicide@lvmpd.com
Crime Stoppers: Crime Stoppers of Nevada
Agency Case Number: 030319-1134

For additional sources and information on this episode, visit Sins and Survivors Episode 6 Sources and learn more about the ongoing advocacy for Camille at Find Camille.

This collaboration aims to approach true crime with sensitivity, ethics, and a focus on advocacy. Tune in for a thought-provoking exploration of Camille Dardanes Dotson’s story.

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