Introducing: Unsafe Spaces

I’m thrilled to introduce you to an extraordinary new podcast that will send shivers down your spine – “Unsafe Spaces.”

In the spotlight for its first season is the bone-chilling saga “Tampa’s Missing Men.” This serialized journey takes a deep dive into crimes that stain the sanctuaries we hold dear – our churches, the LGBTQ+ community, and even our homes. Brace yourselves as we unravel a shocking tale of disappearances and murders within Tampa’s gay community, perpetrated by two individuals who operated with shocking impunity, committing some of Florida’s most heinous crimes.

What sets “Unsafe Spaces” apart is its unique blend of obsession and investigation, reminiscent of the intensity you love in True Crime Bullsh**. However, this podcast goes beyond the surface, meticulously examining the factors that led to these crimes and played a pivotal role in capturing the perpetrators. “Unsafe Spaces” is not just a true crime podcast; it’s a riveting mix of anthropology, politics, community dynamics, culture, and history. Prepare for a heartfelt and personal journey into the heart of darkness, exploring the intricate tapestry of events that led to these unthinkable acts.

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