The Sherry Murders

Romance scams, or “lonely hearts” scams, are one of the oldest swindles in the book. They work when a fraudster gains the affection of a victim, usually in a long-distance relationship. Once the scammer establishes trust, they will request money or financial information from their victim. The advent of the internet and dating sites has made lonely hearts scams more popular and harmful than ever. Join us for today’s episode to discover how, through a complex web of lies and a brigade of greedy, immoral people, one particular lonely heart scam would end in the cold-blooded murders of Judge Vincent Sherry and his wife, Margaret Sherry.

Content Warnings: murder, police corruption, scams & manipulation


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This episode was researched by Haley Gray and written by Andrea Marshbank. 

Content editing by Brittney Martinez.

Produced by Neeks at WeTalkofDreams – check him out on Twitter @WeTalkofDreams or

Production assisted by Jesse Hawke

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