For Sale: The Deadly Side of Real Estate

When people think of “dangerous jobs,” the more obvious ones quickly come to mind: firefighters, law enforcement, oil riggers, but real estate agents are rarely at the forefront. However, realtors often go by themselves to meet strangers, usually in empty houses. There are numerous instances of these meetings going terribly wrong, terribly fast. Some of these are planned, targeted attacks, and others happen in an instant. Okay…onto the show.

Sarah Walker
Ann Nelson

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Augie Peterson: Augie Peterson is a published horror writer and podcaster that is currently working on her first novel. She’s had stories published on The Grey Rooms, Creepy, and in Aphotic Realm Magazine. She also hosts a podcast called the short stories of Augie Peterson which, rather than have one theme, is a mish-mash of all the things she’s found interesting for the last nearly three years. short fiction, movie reviews, indie artist interviews, and more! Recently it’s delved into the world of serialized audio drama. Her first major show, Linda Listens begins August 4th and will be available in bi-weekly increments through October 31st. To find out more about Augie, head over to

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