GetVokl: A Discussion w Sarah Turney

I first met Sarah Turney at the True Crime Podcast Festival in 2019. She had just published the first episode of her new podcast called Voices for Justice [Link:] After meeting her, I realized that I wanted to know more, so I started listening to her show and man, did I have questions for her. So, I asked her to come on to my GetVokl stream so that we could talk about her advocacy work and, answer all of my questions. Sarah Turney is a beautiful and thoughtful person, who I hope is able to find justice for her sister.

Voices for Justice is written, produced, and, hosted by Sarah Turney. It features the story of missing teen and Sarah’s sister, Alissa Turney. Alissa went missing from Phoenix, Arizona in 2001 when she was 17 years old. The only person of interest in Alissa’s case is her and Sarah’s father. This podcast gives a never before seen and extremely intimate look into the strange circumstances leading up to Alissa’s disappearance. Sarah will be reviewing 30+ years of video and audio records, 3000 pages of case record from the nearly 20 year police investigation, and current efforts being made to get justice for Alissa.

Alissa Turney
Sarah Turney

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