Another Dr. Death

The Hippocratic Oath is a promise made by a doctor. In this oath, the physician swears to do no harm, promising to respect a patient’s autonomy, providing confidentiality and esteem. The trust between a doctor and patient is almost always implicit and immediate because of this oath. Moreover, doctors attend school for years and years, accumulating mountains of debt in the process. Therefore, most people automatically presume they must be able to be trusted to care for our health – our very livelihood. But, what happens when the person taking the oath says the words but means none of them? The destruction that can follow a doctor who has set out to harm is immeasurable, even more so when the harm leads to the death of dozens of innocent victims. 

Joseph Michael Swango

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Written By: Mari Cole

Researched & Edited By: Brittany Martinez

Production By: Nico at

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