Shayna & Elisa

This episode covers two severe cases of child abuse in New York. Two children lost their lives at the hands of the people who were meant to protect them. We advise extreme caution when listening to this episode.

Judge Joseph Fisch had this to say about Sherain Bryant’s reaction to her daughter Shayna Bryants naked and battered body:

It should come as no surprise that you remained unmoved by these photographs of Shayna. You were merely viewing your own artwork and that of your husband. Shayna’s small body became your canvas, and your cigarettes, curling iron, hands and belts, your etching instruments.”There was virtually no part of that tiny body you did not invade and defile and no organ you did not damage. Why should you be emotionally moved? You were long accustomed and apparently addicted to the sight and sound of burning flesh.”

 Sherain Bryant at her murder trial

Elisa Izquierdo was a little girl who was immensely loved by her father Gus. When he passed away suddenly, his little girl Elisa was at the mercy of her mother Awilda Lopez. However, Awilda showed her daughter no mercy. She brutally murdered the little girl whose death would spark a change in NY Law.

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