Karla Faye Tucker – Born Again?

A brutal pickax murderess finds salvation in prison. Some would rally behind her and call for a reprieve in her execution – others would call her a master manipulator. What do you believe?

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One thought on “Karla Faye Tucker – Born Again?”

  1. I remember this case. Didn’t pay much attention to the trial back then. I did recall all the publicity prior to her execution. Many mixed opinions on her being remorseful for her actions. Many people behind bars tend to “find” religion, then when they are released, they leave their “spirituality” behind bars. Perhaps she was truly sorry for having done what she did. Bottom line, she accpeted her punishment for what she did. It doesn’t bring back the loved ones she took away from their families, there is no value in any lifetime that can ever make up for the loss of a loved one.

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