The Gray Man

**UPDATE** We are working on fixing the audio for the first few episodes. Please be patient with me! I recommend continuing with the newer episodes as the sound quality has dramatically improved.

Please enjoy the Inaugural episode of the True Crime Fan Club Podcast. I chose Albert Fish for the first episode because he is really sick & depraved. I’ve been a “fan” of True Crime since I was 12 (that is also when I first read about Fish), so it made sense to use Albert as my “muse” for this episode. I plan to change up the format & I’m open to listener suggestions. Can’t wait for your feedback.

Look out for updates on Episode 2!

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Albert Fish booking photo
Albert Fish booking photo
Albert Fish
Albert Fish


Music In this Ep:

“Anxiety”, “Come Play with Me”, “Gagool”, “Gathering Darkness”, “Hush”, “Penumbra”, “Phantasm”, “Quinn’s Song: First Night”, “The Reveal”
Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


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